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Finland EcoRegions V1

Defines broadly the ecoregions of Finland and modifies tree density, height and colors slightly to achieve more realistic look of Finnish forests

Published: 2021-07-13
Downloads: 142
Tags: MSFS2020, Landscape, ** Scenery **

North Finland Terrain Scenery

Terrain scenery for North Finland. This is part 1. All three parts needed for the scenery to work!

Additional files:

Part 2
Part 3

Update 7/2018

Published: 2018-07-26
Downloads: 2071
Tags: FSX, FSX:SE, P3D, Terrain, Mesh

South Finland Terrain Scenery

Terrain scenery for southern part of Finland and is also compatible with FTX Global sceneries. Includes detailed waterbodies, road and railway networks, utility lines, some additional objects, LC raster and polygons.

Additional files:

Update to v.1.1

Update to v.1.2, part 1
Update to v.1.2, part 2
Update to v.1.2, part 3

Published: 2018-02-16
Downloads: 2179
Tags: FSX, FSX:SE, P3D, Terrain, Mesh


Complete terrain package for Finland. Contains accurate terrain, mesh and landclass for Finland. Note: Replaces FinnMesh and FinnClass for FSX.

Published: 2009-04-18
Downloads: 19992
Tags: FSX, Terrain, Mesh, Landclass


FinnTerrain adds accurate roads, coastlines and other terrain data to Finland. Version 1.8 covers the whole Finland. FinnClass 2.2 or greater required.

Published: 2007-05-26
Downloads: 57989
Tags: FS2004, Terrain