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Replot Bridge

Scenery of Finland's longest bridge, Replot (Raippaluoto) NW of EFVA.

Published: 2019-11-29
Downloads: 1008
Tags: FSX,FSX:SE,P3D,Objects,Photo Scenery

Hanko (EFHN) for FSX/P3D

A scenery for the GA airfield in Hanko (EFHN) , Finland's southernmost airfield. Also contains some objects in the city of Hanko.

Published: 2019-11-11
Downloads: 1354
Tags: FSX,FSX:SE,P3D,Airport,Objects

Finland Flight Obstacle Data

Flight obstacle data Finland for FSX. Includes the highest masts, windmills, lighthouses, seamarks and chimneys for whole Finland. SODE module required.

Additional files:

Update to v.2.1

Published: 2018-07-26
Downloads: 2026
Tags: FSX, Objects

Arrestor Cables for Finnish Airports

Adds Arrestor Cables to Finnish airports. Requires Arrestor Cables 2.62 and following FISD Sceneries: Kauhava, Kittilä, Kuopio and Rovaniemi.

Published: 2008-02-06
Downloads: 2847
Tags: FS2004, Objects

Published: 2006-11-11
Downloads: 47640
Tags: FS2004, City, Objects

Espoo Landmarks

Espoo landmarks scenery. Adds a couple of landmarks in the town of Espoo. Compatible with the Espoo photoscenery and other FISD addons.

Published: 2005-12-22
Downloads: 10940
Tags: FS2004, City, Objects


Masts and other landmarks of Finland.

Published: 2005-12-22
Downloads: 40652
Tags: FS2004, Objects

FISD Library v1.1

Updates object libraries used in FISD sceneries. Required by future releases.


Published: 2005-06-16
Downloads: 43829
Tags: FS2002, FS2004, Objects

FinnTrees 2004

Replacement autogen trees for Flight Simulator 2004. 40% smaller tree textures designed especially for Finnish landscape, but should fit quite well for any other Northern area as well.

Published: 2004-06-14
Downloads: 16857
Tags: FS2004, Objects

FinnBuildings 2004

Complete replacement texture set for autogen buildings. FinnBuildings will give you authentic, photorealistic Finnish buildings in the sim.

Published: 2004-01-30
Downloads: 41781
Tags: FS2002, FS2004, Objects


Scenery of Savonlinna city area.

Additional files:

Bug fix

Published: 2004-01-01
Downloads: 6757
Tags: FS2004, City, Objects