Pyhtää Redstone (EFPR) for MSFS2020 v1.3.1

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Pyhtää Redstone (EFPR) for MSFS2020 v1.3.1

The newest airport in Finland was not included in MSFS2020. This scenery will add the Helsinki-East Aerdrome to your simulator.

Version 1.2 has been adapted to the new satellite imagery that was included in the MSFS World Update 5 (Nordics)

Version 1.3 changed airport definitions to enable removal of double runway introduced by Navigraph.
NOTE! This update is useful only for Navigraph users!

Version 1.3.1 adjusted vegetation polygons for compatibility

NOTE! Remove any older versions prior to installing the new version. More instructions in the README files!

NOTE! For version 1.2 upwards you also need the FISD Library version 1.4 or newer.  

Newer versions and my other sceneries can be found at

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Author: FISD / Bamce Fabricius