> Upload files

FS Nordic's users can upload files via normal FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client program. To use the FTP upload, you need a FTP program for this. Some available choices are WS-FTP and CuteFTP.

FTP upload is not anonymous. See the username and password from the end of this page.

Upload instructions - FTP Upload

  1. First, please read all the instructions from the main page of file library uploads.

  2. Make sure you have prepared the package according to the instructions, and that you have three separate files: Main package, image and description.

  3. Now make sure you know the username and password for the FTP upload account. They are available at this page.

  4. Then open your FTP program (CuteFTP in our example). You can either store the connect information to FTP program's Connection listing, or you can use the "Quick Connect" toolbar which we do in this example.

  5. Type in account information:
    Host: upload.fsnordic.net (<-- note the new server!)
    User: fsnupload
    Pass: upload

    And then press Connect.

  6. Wait for a few seconds for the FTP program to connect to FS Nordic's server (make sure your firewall allows the connection!). You will now see the file library upload directory on the right-hand side.

  7. Now use the FTP program and upload the files to FS Nordic's server (usually upload is started by double-clicking the desired file on left-hand window, but this varies according to the FTP program you use). You can see the progress of the upload at bottom section of the program. When upload is completed, you can see the file on the right-hand file listing.

  8. Note that you cannot overwrite, modify, view or download any of the files in the upload directory. So if you accidentially uploaded a wrong version of your file, you must upload the new correct file with another filename. All actions made with the FTP upload system are also logged to prevent misuse.

Upload account information:
Host: files2.fsnordic.net (<-- note the new server!)
User: fsnupload
Pass: upload